We are unlike any freelancers you'll ever meet

HAD is currently a team of four. We’re not a Marketing Agency, but we’re not an individual person. We’re something in-between, and it works.

We offer a personal experience where you deal with one freelancer, backed up by the experience of the wider team. If you want a copywriter, we’re here for you, if you want a web designer, we’re here for you. You’ll never have to look for multiple people to complete a project again, we can do it all.

All of this, at a freelancer rate, at a fraction of the cost of a marketing agency. Allowing agencies to put their rate on top of our services, and ensuring that all of our clients receive a great price.

Director / Website Design & Development

Adam Donovan

Hi, I’m Adam, a website design and development freelancer specialising in web design, web development and UX/UI design. Over the years, I’ve worked with a range of leading UK based digital marketing agencies, dealing with a wide range of clients from smaller start-ups to larger blue chip businesses. I have been fortunate enough to learn a huge amount of skills working through all company ranks, being head of design and development, leading onto a senior design and development manager, before launching HAD digital.
Director / Digital Marketing

Harry Hawkins

Hey, I am Harry, a Digital Marketing Freelancer specialising in SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing. I have plenty of experience in a variety of aspects of digital marketing and approach all clients with the view “What would I do if this were my business?”. This outlook has allowed me to correctly guide clients through the complicated world of digital marketing and achieve desired outcomes in a cost and time effective manner.
Account Manager / Digital Marketing

Tolga Murat

Bio coming soon…

Jess Goddard

Bio coming soon…